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The Book Project Moves Along

May 2, 2013

News about our Orange City photographic history book project has gone out. Yet, while many folks now have some idea of the project, very few came forward with pictures to share. Instead, we have had to approach organizations and individuals and ask. So much for hoping to make things easier for ourselves by advertising …

We are grateful nonetheless for what people are willing to share with us. I am far less worried now about the viability of the post-1930 part of the project than I was at the beginning of April.

Also, as part of the process, I am learning things about Orange City’s history. For instance:

  • “St. Nic” and Swarte Piet seemed to first appear in Orange City in Dec. 1940.
  • A movie theatre seems to have operated in town at least as early as 1941; a grand opening, though, came in 1942.
  • June 1944 was a month when a swarm of tornadoes hit Sioux County.
  • Chicago & North-Western passenger train service to Orange City was discontinued in Jan. 1951.

All of the above I learned through paging through each issue of the Sioux County Capital, 1936-1952 in the newspaper morgue at Pluim Publishing, looking for suitable pictures to scan. Thanks Pluim folks!

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