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Placing Ourselves in the U.S.

September 20, 2013

Buffalo Doug

Maps and I go way back. I’ve always been fascinated by them. Indeed, I put maps on the ceiling of my bedroom (my wife doesn’t let me do that now).

Maps are human creations. They tell us about their makers, and users, as much as they do about what they are of.

In the Digital Age, maps are less and less in our heads, however, and more and more in our electronic devices. Are we on the way to becoming people who know less and less about where any place is, because our devices will take us there?

Dave Imus is a geographer who makes maps. I had not heard of him or his work until the latest High Country News arrived. If you are interested in maps, and knowing places, read about him and his Essential Geography of the United States of America here.

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