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The Former Crystal Cathedral and Evangelicalism’s Decline

December 17, 2013

Buffalo Doug

I reside in a locale dominated by Dutch-American traditions–more specifically, Protestant Dutch-American traditions. (See some of my earlier posts on Abraham Kuyper.)

There is a local Dutch-American Protestant connection to the once-famous Crystal Cathedral of the Garden Grove Community Church, Orange County, California. Its founding pastor Robert Schuller comes from near Alton. (Alton is three miles from where I sit in Orange City. Here, Schuller is not pronounced Shuller, but rather Skuller.) He attended Hope College and Western Theological Seminary, both of the Reformed Church in America (as is my institution). Schuller’s congregation in the suburbia of post-World II southern California has always been affiliated with the Reformed Church in America, even though the church’s name deliberately stressed nondenominationalism.

Dennis Voskuil in Mountains in Goldmines: Robert Schuler and the Gospel of Success (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans, 1983) has done the go-to study of Schuller’s founding of Garden Grove…

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