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Talking To or Talking Past Each Other in Progressive Era Iowa?

March 12, 2014

Buffalo Doug

I am delighted to introduce to the world–well, the digital world–a new site created by 4 of my students.

The site is Talking To or Talking Past Each Other? | Woodrow Wilson, the Society of American Indians, and Progressive Era Iowa. It is the result of an assignment I made in my Progressive Era and Reform course.

The course was short–only 8 weeks. From the teaching side of things, it was a challenge to know what major assignment to make, other than reading and exams. There was little time for extensive research. The library folks here–in this case, most notably Greta Grond, Systems and Reference Librarian–have suggested Web 2.0 projects, for which they are happy to provide support. That is, have students construct web sites about substantively-researched topics critically considered. In other words, move students from web consumers to creators of web content that is something other than entertainment…

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